Netowrk update is done!

Hello citizens of Discordia,

We had a small update on Network before 30 minutes,
During this time all the off attack accounts disconnected, network updated, thanks for the patienece !

Posted14 / 05 / 2019

More ways to earn Credits - Grand Resets

[Online auto update x200] 
/store ruud added /store wcc exist already

More ways to earn Credits : Grand Resets with 10 Limit (Referral)
After You gain 30 Resets use code /greset to be GrandReset[1] Reset[0] Your normal Reset/Level/Stats resets to default, Not your MasterLevel/MasterPoints
Limit is 10, and there is Reward for your Referral accounts who have made Grand Resets
1 GReset = 750
2 GReset = 750
3 GReset = 850
4 GReset = 850
5 GReset = 950
6 GReset = 950
7 GReset = 1050
8 GReset = 1050
9 GReset = 1250
10 GReset = 1500

Posted13 / 05 / 2019

250+ Online [x200 - 30 reset]

Amazing start! Have fun and join our Free for ALL PvP events every 3 hours!!

Posted13 / 05 / 2019

Beta phase is over, Grand Opening x200

Hello citizens of Discordia,

Our beta phase of x200 Server is finally done, beta accounts deleted !

The grand opening is on next 1 Day and 2 Hours be ready! Register for your account is now ready!

Posted10 / 05 / 2019

Beta Phase of x200 server with 30 Resets and more

Hello citizens of Discordia,

Im happy to announce the opening of a brand new, x200 Dynamic server with a Limited-30-Reset System( When you /reset, you spawn at the same map, at lvl 200 ). This will be a breakthrough, and will ensure that this is one of the most balanced, yet unique servers across World of MU Online universe!

As our servers grow, so does our Community. Soon enough, we will grow even more in numbers, and we have already set up Premium Targeted Advertisements to help us with our ambitions. We make sure that we listen to your feedback, we love this game and we love providing you with the best gaming experience we can, so we are always happy to invest big amounts of money on such ads. The current Discordia x20 server, alongside the upcoming x200 server are going to get the benefits of advertisements and are expected to grow.

We are launching our advertisement campain on the following areas:


  •  Facebook
  •  Google
  •  Xtremetop100
  •  TOPG100
  •  Ragezone
  •  Guiamuonline
  •  Tuservermu 

Note: As always, we are open to feedback and suggestions, if you know any other place/area where we can expand and provides Premium features, please suggest it by sending us a DM.

Last but not least, lets not forget about Arcana Networks.
As you might already know, im not a person who gives up his projects, his servers and the communities involved. Our Season 2 server has been online and running for over 6 months now, and our Season 14 is here for over a month already. We never stop evolving, upgrading, expanding and most importantly, listen to your feedback. We make the servers for you, with you
Thanks for choosing us, we will never fail you!

Posted30 / 04 / 2019

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