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[About us] Discordia Mu online is a season 13 ep1-pre season14 sever with Exp x20 and x60 for ML with no reset. Created and maintained by a very professional team of developers, with previous experience and success in earlier versions of mu. Using premium x-team files for guaranteed success, we are offering the best possible experience we can for our users. We also offer Cash shop (X) for anyone who feels like helping our project but, because we are not a pay2win server a user can have access to the (X) shop, via our referral system, by voting or from in-game events. Anything that there is in the (X) shop can be found by farming, either bosses or from in-game events, a regular user shouldn’t feel left out, because he can find everything by grinding. [Economics-Donations and stuff] Voting, referral system and donations give you credits that you exchange to WCoins. Zen Jewels-New jewels and WCoins are the main economy of this server all the above are valuable and useful in this server. Every 10 minutes you win Goblin Coints that you can exchange in the (X) shop. Also we offer off-attack and off-store commands (with "/store wcc" to sell items for WCoins instead of zen, so you are not obliged to always be online. There are new-jewels These new jewels can be found in the (X) shop or simply by farming. We have lowered mastery items and wings requirements level and class level.
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