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  • - Last lancer of the Imperial Knights. Utilizes one handed lance and a shield to freely execute both defensive and offensive skills, and combines the magical power of Arca with martial arts to yield powerful damage. Specialized in melee combat, they have high defense and are more resistant to elemental attacks compared to other characters. Also, by having retaliation/rage damage which can be increased by strength/agility, they are able to amplify their damage to extreme levels.

Grow Lancer Information

< Default Settings >

Conditions to
create Grow Lancer
Can be created  on any account
Starting LocationLorencia
Base StatsHPMPStrAgiStaEngCmd
Class Name2nd Class Name3rd Class Name
Grow LancerMirage Lancer
Armors5 Types


< Character Play Type Information >

Primary StatsCharacteristics
StrA strength focused stat build will grant you higher damage while hunting
and allows you to deal powerful damage to your target during PvP as well.
DexAn agility focused stat build will grant you the ability to hunt with fast attack speed
and allow you to suppress enemies in PvP with high elemental damage.

? Special Damage

Retaliation DMGA special damage granted when you allocate stat points into strength.
It increases skill damage.
Rage DMGA special damage granted when you allocate stat points into agility.
It increases skill damage.

Grow Lancer Skills

< Skills (For Grow Lancers only) >

Offensive SkillSpin Stepimg-03-02-01.jpgPierces target and also
damages nearby enemies.
(Affected by rage power)
Harsh Strikeimg-03-02-02.jpgAn offensive skill which
combines slash and pierce.
(Affected by vengeance power)
Magic Pinimg-03-02-03.jpgAn offensive skill
which pierces enemies
3 consecutive times
(Affected by rage power)
Brecheimg-03-02-04.jpgDamages nearby enemies.
(Up to 4 targets)
(Affected by vengeance power)
Shining Peakimg-03-02-05.jpgAn offensive skill
which casts a projectile
and strikes the enemy
in front of the caster.
(Affected by vengeance
and rage power)
Buff SkillsObsidianimg-03-02-06.jpgSkill which buffs the skill
damage of allies (party)
Buff stats increases
as strength increases.
Wrathimg-03-02-07.jpgA buff skill
which increases your damage
at the cost of your defense.
Circle Shieldimg-03-02-08.jpgA PvP only skill
that has a chance to
decrease enemy's AG
Siege SkillsClashimg-03-02-09.jpgA skill which makes you
collide with your target
and pushes the enemy away.

Grow Lancher, Mircale Lancher, Shining Lancer

  • Quest 400 level = 3rd Level Quest
  • Quest 800 level = 4th Class Quest

Stats points

  • 7 Per level

Stats Specialist

  • MaxAttackSpeed = 273      
  •  1Vit




     2.5 HP 

     1 H P


     10 Speed

Stats Manager

  • Str = -
  • Agility = -
  • Vitality = -
  • Energy = -

Posted02 / 05 / 2019

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