New Server Client for Season14 is ready!

Season14 update is done, you can read more on our discord: <Click Here>
Season14 Full clients
Google Drive <Click Here>
MEGAnz  <Click Here>

Be ready!

Posted30 / 03 / 2019

Season14 is almost here!

Update to season 14 is about to be done!
Client links will be available few hours before the opening.
Learn more by joining us on discord >

Announce of the opening on the top of the server.

Posted30 / 03 / 2019

Update for Season14 Started

Join our discord group to find more and make any question

Estiamted down time 24Hours~48Hours, server will be fully updated in to season14
Fresh events for all new and old players!

Posted30 / 03 / 2019

EASTER EVENT and Season 14

Our EASTER EVENT on next month will include Full season14 update!
New client will be required to play again, server will be offline for few hours, or a day or 2.. during the update.
There is gonna be some more events, 
Eggs with strong muuns, 
New jewels drop rates double%, 
Chaos cards double drop rates double% (also some changes on chaos card  gold),
Extra experience events donations packs and much more.

Posted28 / 03 / 2019

1st Offline Update

**[1st Offline auto update]**
1.Element Box [BOUND] Blessing of Light replace with normal Bless of Light.
*Can be trade, Can be used in Master Level Exp
2. Some item drops increased level e.x Ruud box (more will be updated later).
3. Some Bosses changes on Resistance and Distance Check & Attack.
4. Some Changes on monster drop rate zen in higher levels.
5. Changed on Nightmare Drops #nightmare  (discord infos)
6. Changes on Erohim Drops #Erohim (discord infos)
7. Changes on Card Deck 400+ rewards #card-piece (discord infos)
8. Fixes on jewels zen value
9. Mithrils Drop rate increased from 30.000/1.000.000 into 35.000/1.000.000
10. X-team Changes on experiances earn after level 770 (Some corrections)
11. X-team Update
*Some general fixes we might forget to include. ( #to-be-updated  still 1. and 2. is not yet fixed)

Posted22 / 03 / 2019

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